Where can you find the CyberbullyHelp Team?

Dr. Agatston was a presenter for the the Hazelden webinar on Cyberbullying and Matt’s SafeSchool Law archived here:

October 14 – 16, 2015: Dr. Agatston will be participating in the National Academies of Sciences/Sackler Colloquium on Digital Media and Developing Minds conference, in Irvine, California.

April 29, 2015: Dr. Agatston will be presenting to parents on bullying and cyberbullying  at Bells Ferry Elementary School in Kennesaw, GA.

February 26, 2015:  Dr. Agatston will be presenting a full-day training on cyberbullying for the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association in Orlando, FL.

February 13, 2015:  Teens and Social Media, Dickerson Middle School, Marietta, GA

February 10, 2015:  The Wesleyan School, Peachtree Corners, GA – Digital Citizenship Youth Presentations and Parent Presentation

February 7, 2015:  Dr. Agatston will be presenting on Parenting in the Digital Age at the SC Childcare Association Conference

January 10 – 11, 2015:  Dr. Agatston will be attending the board retreat in Denver, Colorado for the International Bullying Prevention Association.

Nov, 16 – 18, 2014:  The International Bullying Prevention Conference, San Diego, CA

October 30, 2014:   Jewish Child Care Association, NY, Bullying in the Digital Age

October 27, 2014: CDC Webinar: The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide

October 22, 2014:  Westminster Lower School, Atlanta, GA – Parenting in the Digital Age

October 9th, 2014:  The Lovett Upper School, Atlanta, GA – Teens and Social Media

September 10-11, 2014: Dr. Agatston will be leading a pre-conference session and presenting Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age at the Georgia Educational Leadership Institute in Atlanta, GA.

August 15, 2014: Dr. Agatston will be attending the Federal Bullying Prevention Summit  in Washington, DC.

July 26, 2014: Dr. Agatston is will present Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Addressing Cyberbullying at the Auburn University Antibullying Summit in Peachtree City, Georgia.

July 18th, 2014: Dr. Agatston will present on Cyberbullying for the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Georgia,  Atlanta, GA.

May 11-12, 2014:  Dr. Agatston will be a keynote speaker on cyberbullying at the International Cyberbullying Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

February 18th, 2014:  Dr. Agatston is presenting on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying to parents at the Franklin Special School District in Franklin, TN

November 10-12, 2013:  Dr. Agatston and Dr.  Limber are presenting on “Cyberbullying: Research and Prevention Strategies” at the  International Bullying Prevention Conference in Nashville.
October 28, 2013: Dr. Agatston is presenting on Cyber Bullying Prevention at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, GA.

October 17-18, 2013: Dr. Agatston is providing Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee Training for the Brookwood School in Thomasville, GA.

August 22, 2013:  Dr. Agatston is presenting on “Parenting in the Digital Age” at Christ the King School.

August 9, 2013:  Dr. Agatston is presenting on “Bullying in the Digital Age” for a plenary session at the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association’s annual conference in Orlando, Florida.

June 23rd & 24th, 2013:  Keynote and breakout session – Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age, EBS Summit, Greenville, SC

May 24th, 2013: Parenting in the Digital Age/Submit the Documentary Q and A:  Cherokee Creek Boys School, Westminster, SC

May 3rd, 2013: Courage to Act:  Presentation for Students, Irmo High School, Irmo, SC

April 23rd, 2013: Teens and Technology:  Georgia Center for Child Advocacy Conference

April 17th, 2013: Parenting in the Digital Age and Digital Citizenship Presentations for Youth – Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Atlanta, GA

April 11th, 2013: Parenting in the Digital Age and Digital Citizenship Presentation for Youth – Mt. Pisgah Christian School, Atlanta, GA

April 4th, 2013: Parenting in the Digital Age, Burnt Hickory Elementary School, Dallas, GA
April 3rd, 2013: Teens and Technology, Woodward Academy North Campus, Johns Creek, GA

Jan. 30th, 2013:Dr. Agatston will be presenting on “Teens and Technology” for Woodward Academy at 8:30 am.

Nov. 29th, 2012: Dr. Kowalski and Dr. Agatston will present a full day training on Cyber Bullying: Best Practices for Addressing Bullying Behavior in San Rafael, CA .  This program is sponsored by the Jeanette Prandi Children’s Center and the Marin County Office of Education.

Nov 4, 2012:  Dr. Agatston will be co-presenting  Bullying 101 at the International Bullying Prevention Association’s Conference in Kansas City Missouri.
Oct 15, 2012:  Dr. Agatston will be presenting on Best Practices for Preventing Bullying and Harassment at the Georgia Symposium on Sexual Violence.

Oct 4-5, 2012: Dr. Patti Agatston will present at the EU Joint Research Center’s Conference on Social Networks and Cyberbullying Among Teenagers in Ispra, Italy.

June 25-27, 2012: Dr. Agatston will be a keynote speaker at the South Carolina Education and Business Summit in Greenville SC.

June 13, 2012:  Dr. Agatston will be a featured panelist at Usher’s New Look Foundation’s President’s Circle Luncheon in Atlanta, GA.

April 12th, 2012: Dr. Agatston will present on Cyber Bullying and Digital Citizenship at West Chester University.

March 29th, 2012:  
Dr. Agatston will provide a 4 hour training for educators on “Bullying in the Digital Age” at Kansas State – Manhattan University.

March 13, 2012:  
Dr. Agatston will be speaking to parents and students at Mt. Vernon School Presbyterian School in Atlanta.

February 29th, 2012:  
Dr. Agatston was invited to participate in a Symposium on Youth Meanness and Cruelty sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society taking place at Harvard University.

Jan. 21st, 2012:  Dr. Patti Agatston will present on Social Media and Cyber Bullying to high school student leaders at the Bullying Summit, Fairhope, Alabama