The International Bullying Prevention Conference – An Amazing Learning Opportunity!

I have been involved in some manner with the International Bullying Prevention Association  (IBPA) since its beginning eleven years ago in Atlanta, Georgia.  Each year I have watched the organization grow and I joined the Board of Directors in 2010.  The annual conference has become arguably the best opportunity world-wide to learn cutting edge strategies to prevent and respond to bullying and also a place to gain new research insights to inform our practices in the schools and community.   As I review the program for this year’s conference in San Diego, I marvel at the breadth and depth of the sessions and realize that for many attendees the biggest challenge will be deciding which session to attend as there are so many great offerings.  Fortunately handouts and slides will be shared online afterwards for those who wish to be in two (or three!) places at once as I do.

In addition to the conference, IBPA hosts monthly webinars that provide continuing education on hot topics such as legal issues, cyberbullying, restorative justice, identity-based bullying, and more.  The membership fee allows access to these webinars free of charge.  I recommend anyone interested in the field of bullying prevention and positive school climate take advantage of the membership opportunity.  By staying abreast of research and learning about effective and promising approaches to reduce bullying, we can all make a difference in our schools and communities!